San Diego Window Replacement

In the southwestern end of California, you can find San Diego County, also known as the County of San Diego. San Diego is California’s most populated county and the fifth most populated county in the United States. San Diego also breaks the record as the 8th most populated city of the United States.

The County

The San Diego County stretches from San Diego to Chula Vista to Carlsbad Metropolitan Statistical Area. That area happens to be the 17th most populated metropolitan area and the 18th most populated primary statistical area of the United States as of July 1, 2012. San Diego is also the most significant urban area shared between the United States and Mexico, composed of the San Diego – Tijuana metropolitan area.


With over 70 miles of coastline, San Diego forms the most densely populated region of the county. San Diego has the mild Mediterranean to a semiarid climate. It features extensive chaparral vegetation, very similar to the whole western side of southern California. The suburban and urban San Diego territories lie between the Mediterranean climate to the north and semiarid environments to the south and east. Because of this, it is often known to be an “arid Mediterranean: and “semiarid steppe.”


On the western side of San Diego, the climate is described as sunny. San Diego has dry summers and mellow winters, and most of their rain happens between November and March. The city averages over 200 days with temperatures that are above 70-degrees Fahrenheit with very little rainfall averaging 9-13 inches of rain per year. The San Diego summers are warm, with temperatures ranging between 70 and 78-degrees Fahrenheit on the highs and between 55 and 66 degrees average on the lows. Although temperatures can exceed 90-degrees, it is only for a few days.


Just like the rest of California, San Diego can have a different climate in short distance ranges, making it a microclimate area. This is due to the bay, the mountains, and many other typographical elements.

Perfect indoor temperatures

If your home can not keep up with San Diego’s weather changes and it is either too cold or too hot, window replacement may be the solution. Considering high energy costs in San Diego, you may benefit from our energy-efficient vinyl windows.

If you are considering window replacement in San Diego, California, A Perfect View Construction recommends vinyl windows. Vinyl is resistant to the hot sun rays, and it will not absorb the heat the way old aluminum windows do. Vinyl windows won’t bring that heat into your home. With a combination of vinyl, tempered glass, and other energy-efficient elements in our windows, you are guaranteed to save on utility bills.

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