Homeowners typically invest in window replacements because they either have old, drafty windows or they want to decrease their energy bills. Rarely do homeowners replace them because they want sound suppression windows. In this blog, we’ll tell you why you should have sound suppression windows.

A Quiet Home 

After our installation process, homeowners tell us that they love how quiet their home is with their new windows. As we mentioned, most homeowners don’t purchase replacement windows for the sound suppression windows. Still, they received the feature as a result of investing in quality replacement windows, and they absolutely love it!

A Feature Everyone Needs!

When homeowners think of sound suppression windows, most of them believe they are only for homeowners who live in high traffic areas. That is not the case – It’s a feature everyone needs!

Not everyone in your neighborhood will keep the noise down when it’s time for you to sleep.

Are you tired of being woken up by the sound of lawnmowers? Or what about your neighbor’s dog who barks at all day and night?

Instead of arguing with your neighbors to keep the noise down, why not take matters into your own hands and simply block them out! How? With sound suppression windows!


At A Perfect View, we treat each home as if it were our own. We care about how comfortable you feel in your home, helping you get a good night’s sleep and decreasing your energy bill all at the same time. That’s why we offer a sound package upgrade free of charge with your windows replacements.

If you need more convincing, watch this video by Anlin Windows and Doors to learn more about sound suppression windows:

Your vision is our vision. What are you waiting for? Come get your sound suppression windows today! For a free in-home consultation, contact A Perfect View Construction at (951) 698-2885.