A Perfect View Construction Installs Anlin ThermaCoat™

Let Your True Colors Shine

Anlin Windows & Doors uses ThermaCoat™ technology to provide twelve stunning designer colors that beautify your home and keep it cool. Unlike ordinary paint, ThermaCoat™ utilizes solar reflective colors that naturally reflect the sun’s heat. These stunning, ultramodern paints are more durable than average applications. They are also non-hazardous and covered by a full lifetime warranty.

Exterior Color Options

Love the look of your home right down to the color of your window frames. With A Perfect View Construction, you’ve got a lot of choices!

Frame Color

Optional Exterior Colors

AnlinThermaCoat / Solar Reflective Coatings will not only enhance your home’s look, it will also keep your house cooler, regardless of color.

Colors shown are for comparison purposes only. For actual color, view vinyl samples provided by Dealer in natural daylight.

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