Do you own real estate in San Diego County, Riverside County, or Inland Empire? Chances are you have converted your investment into a rental property and became a landlord. A Perfect View Construction is trusted by landlords all over Southern California for their window and patio door replacement needs.

We love to work with landlords helping them make informed decisions about improving their rental properties. Have you considered replacing windows or patio doors? Landlords are always balancing between trying to add value to their investment properties and making sure the home improvement does not break the bank. A Perfect View Construction can help you make the best window and door replacement decision for your single-family house, a condo, or an apartment complex. We have years of experience assisting landlords in improving their properties with high-quality window and door products and helping their tenants become more energy-efficient and save money on their energy bills.

I have had 2 sliders and a large window installed by APV. Their team of installers are the most professional contractors I have ever hired: show up on time, protect the space, do great work and clean up. 
The workmanship seems to be fantastic. I’m no expert in slider installation best practices but their workmanship guarantee and the look of the end result would be hard to beat. 
The products they represent seem to again, be fantastic. There is a very obvious difference in reduction of heat and cold transfer between these new Anlin products vs. the originals on the house. Will be retaining APV for more work in the future. Would absolutely recommend!       – Carl Gardner

Why Landlords Choose A Perfect View Construction for Window and Patio Door Replacement Projects?

A Perfect View Construction installation crews are fast, clean, and efficient. We work with landlords and tenants to ensure the disruption is minimal.

Beautiful energy-efficient windows that carry a double lifetime warranty

Special pricing on large window and door orders

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