There are many terms and parts to a replacement door that may be confusing and overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this blog we’ll go over everything you need to know about replacement door terminology and parts.

First you should know the difference between a door slab and a door unit. The slab is only the door, while the unit consists of the slab, frame jambs and hardware.

Door Styles

There are a couple different door styles available to you. Swinging doors open on a hinge, while gliding or sliding doors open on the sliding track. If you’re interested in swinging doors, there are two different options available. Inswing doors opening into your home, while outswing doors open away from it. Choosing the placement of your hinges also makes a difference. When the hinges are on the right side of your door from the exterior, you have a right hinged door, when they’re on the left, it’s called a left hinged door. There are also double doors or door units with two slabs. On a double door the active panel is the door that opens, while the inactive door typically remains closed. Entry doors are doors that gain entry to your home, they are your front and side doors. Doors that open to patios, decks, backyard and sun rooms are patio doors. You have the option to get sliding or swinging patio doors.

Parts of the Door Frame

The door frame is made up of different parts that help hold it in place. We’ll go over them so you know exactly what each part does. The casing or trim is the molding that surrounds the door, jambs are the sides of your doorframe. Your doors are attached to the jambs by hinges. A small strip of wood that surrounds the entire inside perimeter of your door is known as the stop. This prevents your door from swinging too far. The bottom of the doorframe is known as the threshold or sill.

Door Parts and Hardware

Now that you know the parts of your door frame, it’s time to learn the different parts and hardware of your actual door. Transoms are the large windows found above your door and the sidelights are the panels found on the sides. There are virtually endless options for glass styles in doors, from clear, to gridded, to decorative. The panels on your door are the recess to raise patterns found on the slab. The rails are the horizontal parts of the panel, while its stiles are the vertical pieces. On all sides of your door there’s weather stripping. This improves its insulation.

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