Imagine still using a rotary phone or having to make do with the same computer you had ten years ago. How inefficient would that be in today’s world? The same thing can be said about the technology around our homes, such windows and doors. The technology used to manufacture home essentials was very different ten years ago. If a homeowner upgrades to newer, more energy-efficient technology, they will save a lot on their utility bills. Although this technology is highly beneficial, we still see many homes with the same old windows and doors. This is because home improvements seem pretty high in price. That’s where PACE home improvement programs come in. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs are designed to help homeowners make energy-efficient upgrades on their homes. Here is your Home Improvement Financing Explained.


Homeowners cannot get a PACE loan without working with a carefully selected, trained, and certified contractor. A Perfect View Construction, INC.  is a certified PACE contractor with decades of experience. Contractors affiliated with PACE will not get paid until you sing-off that the job has been completed successfully. Certified contractors are very professional and transparent in all their communications with homeowners, and they do precisely what they promise.

More Benefits

This sounds great. But wait there is more. Homeowners may be able to write off the loan interest on their taxes, and the loan conditions are based on home equity, not so much on personal credit. To see if this applies to you we recommend to consult with a tax adviser.

Certified Contractor

A Perfect View Construction, INC. recommends having a PACE loan versus a personal loan from the bank because it may offer a lower interest rate. Homeowners can rest assured they are getting the best deal out there because PACE puts a cap on how much the contractors can charge for specific projects. The contractors have to submit their quotes to the PACE program for approval before the loan is finalized. That way, the contractors cannot charge whatever they want, which is what guarantees that the homeowner is getting a fair deal.

Start your home improvement project now!

You can get your loan pretty quick to start your home improvement project. Most of the loans are finalized within a week. It usually takes from 48 hours to 7 days. You have to be the owner of the house in order to get a PACE loan, that means those who are renting, unfortunately, cannot get approved for a PACE loan. But not all homeowners are guaranteed approval. Sometimes the homeowner is not approved because they already have a PACE loan or because they do not have enough equity in their homes. Also, PACE loans are not available in all areas. You can check on the financing company’s website and see which areas they cover.

Contact A Perfect View Construction, Inc., to verify that you are eligible for a HERO loan and get your window and door replacement project going. For all your questions, our customer service representatives are happy to assist at (951) 698-2885.