Window Replacements

Should I Finance My Window Purchase?

Now is a good time to replace your windows, and you will save money in the future with new energy-efficient windows. Since you are most likely spending more time at home, you have probably been thinking about ways to save money and make your home more energy-efficient. Replacing old, single-pane windows should be on the top of your list. New, energy-efficient windows can improve your home’s curb appeal, make your home more comfortable, and reduce your energy bill.

Replacement Windows Color Options

A Perfect View Construction Installs Anlin ThermaCoat™ Let Your True Colors Shine Anlin Windows & Doors uses ThermaCoat™ technology to provide twelve stunning designer colors that beautify your home and keep it cool. Unlike ordinary paint, ThermaCoat™ utilizes solar reflective colors that naturally reflect the sun’s heat. These stunning, ultramodern paints are more durable than average applications. They are also non-hazardous and covered by a full lifetime warranty. Exterior Color Options Love the look of your home right down [...]

Why You Should Have Sound Suppression Windows

Homeowners typically invest in window replacements because they either have old, drafty windows or they want to decrease their energy bills. Rarely do homeowners replace them because they want sound suppression windows. In this blog, we'll tell you why you should have sound suppression windows. A Quiet Home  After our installation process, homeowners tell us that they love how quiet their home is with their new windows. As we mentioned, most homeowners don't purchase replacement windows for the sound [...]

Why Choose A Perfect View Construction for Your Window and Door Replacement Project?

Superior Customer Service At A Perfect View Construction, everything is about the customer. We are not simply committed to providing great customer service – customer service is essential to our business. It is at the heart of what we do. The owner, Jess, visits every home and gives an in-home consultation. His goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision about your window and door replacements. We provide reasonable straight forward [...]

High-Performance Glass Systems for Residential Windows

Getting new windows is a big investment, so you want to make sure you get the perfect windows! Anlin windows are designed and engineered to provide beauty, energy-efficiency, durability, and secure, smooth operation. But one thing some people don't consider is what type of glass system they should get for their new windows. In this blog, we'll tell you the best high-performance glass systems for residential windows. You might be wondering, 'What's the difference? Can't I just get regular glass [...]

Window Security Features

The security of your home and the safety of your family is now more important than ever. A Perfect View Construction works with window and patio door manufacturers that equip their products with superior window security features. Continuous Interlock Anlin Window & Door Features Continuous interlocking rails prevents access to “jimmy” the lock by intruders ACCESS BLOCKED Other Window Manufacturers “Notched” interlocks allow access to the locking hardware ACCESS NOT BLOCKED Pull-Tight Cam Lock | Secure [...]

7 Kitchen Garden Window Ideas

Plants have always been a great living decoration for any room in your house, including your kitchen. It is always good to see the colorful flowers and to smell the fragrant herbs which permeates the positive vibes into the space. Unfortunately, some plants can’t grow well indoor due to the lack of sunlight. And to overcome this problem, you can build garden windows. Garden windows adopt the ideas of a greenhouse. They usually feature two stationary windows and one awning [...]

Freedom+ Pet Doors Manufactured by Anlin Windows and Doors 

Malibu Patio Doors with Freedom+ Pet Doors  With security in mind, Anlin builds Malibu sliding glass doors to have a multi-point locking system that exceeds California's rigorous forced entry testing. Sliding screen doors are also built with heavy-duty frames and hardware. With quality patio doors installed by A Perfect View Construction, all the family members will be more comfortable, including pets. Pet owners adore Freedom+ Pet Doors Manufactured by Anlin Windows and Doors. Anlin’s Freedom+ pet doors feature an in [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Window Warranty

A major part of getting quality replacement is ensuring the windows you buy will last through a long time. This is where window warranties come in, so in this blog we decided to inform you about everything you need to know about window warranty. What is Lifetime Warranty? Most windows sold in California today come with what's known as a lifetime warranty. But what does that actually mean, contrary to what most people think, a lifetime warranty covers a product [...]

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