Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors 

Their many designs and functional advantages make sliding doors a smart addition to your home. A Perfect View Construction, INC wants to show you all the reasons why. 1. Energy Efficiency When you install a sliding door, your home automatically becomes an energy-efficient home. The sliding doors act as an insulator for your home, keeping your indoor spaces warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. At A Perfect View, we ensure all sliding patios are custom made [...]

Home Improvement Financing Explained

Imagine still using a rotary phone or having to make do with the same computer you had ten years ago. How inefficient would that be in today's world? The same thing can be said about the technology around our homes, such windows and doors. The technology used to manufacture home essentials was very different ten years ago. If a homeowner upgrades to newer, more energy-efficient technology, they will save a lot on their utility bills. Although this technology is [...]

A Perfect View Window Replacement in San Marcos 

In the North County region of San Diego county, you can find the city of San Marcos. According to the 2010 Census, the city's population was 83,781. It is the place that gives a home to California State University of San Marcos. To the east bordering, San Marcos is Escondido, Encinitas to the southwest, Carlsbad to the west, and Vista to the northwest. In the southern part of the city, you can find their very own Lake San Marcos.  The United [...]

A Perfect View Window Replacement in Corona

Corona (Spanish for "crown") is one of the cities that make up what we call the Riverside County. According to the 2010 census, the city had a population of 152,374, which is quite an increase from 124,966, which was recorded in 2000 census. To the north and northeast are the cities of Norco and Riverside, at the same time, Chino Hills and Yorba Linda are to the Norwest and the Cleveland National Forest as well as the Santa Ana Mountains to the [...]

5 Vinyl Window Replacement Questions

5 Vinyl Window Replacement Questions Getting replacement vinyl windows for your Southern California home may seem overwhelming. One way to combat this stress is to get all the information you can before you begin the process. That way, when you’re ready to get started, you can do so with confidence. To help you learn more about vinyl windows, here are 5 of the most commonly asked vinyl replacement window questions and their answers: Will Vinyl Windows Work With My Older Home?  [...]

Window Replacement in Winter Time

Window Replacement in Winter Time While replacing your windows isn’t the biggest home improvement job, it does require some planning. One big planning step is deciding when you want to do your window replacement in the winter time. Though the winters aren’t so bad in Southern California, many homeowners express a lot of hesitation and concern about doing a window replacement in the winter. They list many worries, from the warm air escaping and cold air and other outside [...]

A Perfect View Window Replacement in Murrieta

Murrieta is a city in Riverside County. On July 1, 1991, Murrieta officially became a city. At that time, it already had over 24,000 residents. In 2005 Murrieta became one of the five largest communities in Riverside county with a population of over 85,000 people.  Murrieta's nature and beautiful scenery and Califonia's reasonable price housing are two factors that continue to attract a large number of residents and businesses that find Murrieta a great place to live and grow. Those [...]

Window Replacement in Canyon Lake

Window Replacement in Canyon Lake There are many prominent cities within Riverside County and all of them are unique in their own way. One of them is a city that also happens to be a gated community. This city is located on the canyon lake reservoir within the so-called inland empire. The town began as a planned community by the Corona Land Company in 1968. It became an official city in the late 1970s. History The California Southern Railroad was [...]

A Perfect View Window Replacement in Menifee

A Perfect View Window Replacement in Menifee In the southwest region of Riverside County, you can find the City of Menifee, which is about 30 miles southeast of the City of Riverside, California. With an overall population of 91,902, the city encircles around 50 square miles.  Through the center of Menifee city, you can drive the 215 Interstate, which goes up and down north and sought bound. Bradley, Newport, and McCall Roads are a few of the commercial areas you [...]

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