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Why You Should Have Sound Suppression Windows

Homeowners typically invest in window replacements because they either have old, drafty windows or they want to decrease their energy bills. Rarely do homeowners replace them because they want sound suppression windows. In this blog, we'll tell you why you should have sound suppression windows. A Quiet Home  After our installation process, homeowners tell us that they love how quiet their home is with their new windows. As we mentioned, most homeowners don't purchase replacement windows for the sound [...]

Why Choose A Perfect View Construction for Your Window and Door Replacement Project?

Superior Customer Service At A Perfect View Construction, everything is about the customer. We are not simply committed to providing great customer service – customer service is essential to our business. It is at the heart of what we do. The owner, Jess, visits every home and gives an in-home consultation. His goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision about your window and door replacements. We provide reasonable straight forward [...]

Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors 

Their many designs and functional advantages make sliding doors a smart addition to your home. A Perfect View Construction, INC wants to show you all the reasons why. 1. Energy Efficiency When you install a sliding door, your home automatically becomes an energy-efficient home. The sliding doors act as an insulator for your home, keeping your indoor spaces warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. At A Perfect View, we ensure all sliding patios are custom made [...]

5 Vinyl Window Replacement Questions

5 Vinyl Window Replacement Questions Getting replacement vinyl windows for your Southern California home may seem overwhelming. One way to combat this stress is to get all the information you can before you begin the process. That way, when you’re ready to get started, you can do so with confidence. To help you learn more about vinyl windows, here are 5 of the most commonly asked vinyl replacement window questions and their answers: Will Vinyl Windows Work With My Older Home?  [...]

Window Replacement in Winter Time

Window Replacement in Winter Time While replacing your windows isn’t the biggest home improvement job, it does require some planning. One big planning step is deciding when you want to do your window replacement in the winter time. Though the winters aren’t so bad in Southern California, many homeowners express a lot of hesitation and concern about doing a window replacement in the winter. They list many worries, from the warm air escaping and cold air and other outside [...]

Things to Know About Window Air Infiltration

Window Energy Efficiency Parameters Energy ratings are essential when it comes to buying windows. It is one of the top things buyers evaluate. There are a few prime reasons why people are looking to replace their current windows. It might be that the windows are old and damaged, a lot of noise coming from the outside and more. At the top of the list of issues that lead to window replacement is window air infiltration or seal failure. In [...]

Why Choose Sliding Windows?

Why Choose Sliding Windows? There are many reasons why our customers choose sliding windows. Sliding windows are extremely easy to use. They provide maximum ventilation and durability.  Sliding windows are aesthetically pleasing and become a value booster for your home. All of our windows at A Perfect View Construction feature energy efficiency and elegant look that is customized to your home and personal style. What Are sliding windows? Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are built with long [...]

Bifold Doors

Bifold Door Bi-fold doors combine the latest high performance security with sophisticated style and elegance. Surpassing all the latest security standards, our astounding 8 multi-point locking system makes use of smooth locking chamber 13/16 inch (20mm) linear bolts and 1 inch (25mm) deep throw security hooks which result in the deepest engagement available on the market today. Top this off with high security hinges, exceptionally strong frames and an impenetrable lock and not only do you have an ultra-secure system, [...]

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