What is a Casement Window?

Sometimes in the summer, it’s nice to open a window and let in some fresh air. But have you ever used a window that opens outward when you wind a crank? This type of window is called a casement window. Sometimes, it’s also called a crank window. Unlike the sash of a traditional sliding window, which hangs in a window frame by ropes, weights or other devices, a casement window is permanently mounted into a space. It doesn’t slide up and down, but moves inward and outward with a mechanical crank. Usually, screens for the windows are on the inside of the house. Casement windows are easy to clean and come in many sizes. They’re a good choice for hard-to-reach areas because you can open the window with a single hand. Most casement windows open outward, but there are also designs that open inward. Both kinds have more mechanical parts than sliding windows.

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