Vista, California 

South California is composed of different cities Vista being one of them located in northwestern San Diego County. Vista can be found within the San Diego – Carlsbad, Metropolitan Area in California, and it is considered one of the medium-sized cities with a population of a little over 101, 000. Vista is located approximately seven miles inland from the Pacific Ocean; therefore, it has a Mediterranean climate.

Vista, as we know it, was founded on October 9, 1882. Originally Vista’s area was divided into two parts: Rancho Guajome and Rancho Buena, Vista. On January 28, 1963, it was incorporated, and on June 13, 2007, it became a Charter City.

Within the city limits, there are over 25 youth educational institutions, and over 800 companies that are housed in a business park. Vista has been ranked 173 out of 240 best places for families to live in California. Recreational opportunities, family life, education, health, safety, and affordability, put Vista in 173rd place, according to a review in 2015.

Hill City 

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city is 18.7 square miles, and it’s all land! Not to mention, it has so many hills. The undeveloped areas house local vegetation such as chaparral brushland, which is very common in Southern California, oak-sycamore woodland, oak-grass savanna, among others. On the southside, you can find Buena Vista Park, where you can spot most of the natural vegetation. You can also see the vegetation from the San Marcos hills, which is east of the city.


The climate in Buena Vista is mild, and extreme changes in the weather are pretty uncommon. Between May and June, residents often experience the coastal breeze and fog overcast. During the late spring and early summer, Vista residents can experience day high temperatures that fall below 80-degrees Fahrenheit on most days. Locals in Vista call the chilly, cloudy days “May Gray” and “June Gloom.”

Starting in May all the way through June, the western side of Vista, which is the side that is closer to the Pacific, tends to be much cooler. Residents there experience more overcast with the fog coming in from the ocean compared to the eastern side. It is very common to drive from the western side where the weather is foggy to the east side and see sunshine and clear blue skies.

The warmer months are July, August, and September when the coastal breezes are less prominent. The high temperatures go well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit but rarely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With the high temperatures comes the Santa Anda wind season, that can hit Vista at any month, but has continuously hit the area during the fall. However, thanks to the moderating impact of the Pacific, the weather is quite pleasant 90% of the days.

In Vista, snowfall is almost unknown, and frost is not a usual event. The annual rainfall in the area falls mostly around November and April with a little over 13 inches annually, which is typical for the Mediterranean climate type. In the San Marcos Hills, rainfall is much more eminent with a total of 20 inches per year. The plant nursing industry has made Vista and its surrounding areas a home because of its moderate climate. Avocado trees are the most common subtropical plants that flourish in the area.

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