Temecula is famous because of a few different things. One of the first things to mention is their championship golf course. Temecula also has the perfect climate for a pleasing, relaxing, and picturesque hot air balloon ride. Most importantly, they are known for their award-winning wineries that are bundled up on 3,000 acres of quaint wine country. The community is composed of fun entertainment and friendly residents, so visitors keep wanting to come back over and over again. You can also find a perfect view window replacement in Temecula by A Perfect View Construction.


By the time Spanish missionaries entered California, the Luiseño people were already here. Their largest village was called Temecula, meaning “Place of the sun.” In the early 1850s, there were a lot of old Indian ranchos in Temecula and it was considered Mexican property but after the Civil War it was added to the United States. The events that followed resulted in an eviction notice and a deadline to move out. So many adobe homes, fruit trees, and irrigated fields were left behind in just 11 days. The past Temecula residents settled close by in the Pachanga Canyon, where they could almost see their homes from a distance. The Pechanga Indian Reservation was founded as a result of the Temecula eviction. 


With a warm Mediterranean climate, Temecula’s hottest month is August, and December will be the coldest. The temperature ranges from 115 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest months to 18 degrees Fahrenheit. From November to March residents experience moderate precipitation, but storms are not uncommon, especially during “El Niño” years. During May and June, the marine layer is expected, and the driest month of the year is July. 

Temecula Residents 

According to the 2010 American census, Temecula has 100,097 residents, which has almost doubled compared to 2000 census when a little over 50,000 people were recorded. In Temecula, homeowners experience all kinds of hot weather and cold weather with dry months, causing dust problems. Dust storms create uncomfortable living spaces. One of the easiest ways to make a Temecula home comfortable and safe is window replacement. Old windows were made out of metal, which with marine layer precipitation and dust, tends to erode. As a result, the windows safety and efficiency are compromised. With window replacement by A Perfect View Construction, you are guaranteed to have safe windows that will protect you and your family from the elements and unwanted guests. 

The Best Window Replacement 

If you are considering window replacement in Temecula, A Perfect View Construction recommends vinyl windows. Vinyl is resistant to the hot sun rays, and it will not absorb the heat like old aluminum windows do. Vinyl windows won’t bring that heat into your home. With a combination of vinyl, tempered glass and other energy-efficient elements in our windows, you are guaranteed to also save on utility bills. 

Did we mention that our windows are beautiful and provide the best views? For a perfect view window replacement in Temecula contact us at (951) 698-2885.