Murrieta is a city in Riverside County. On July 1, 1991, Murrieta officially became a city. At that time, it already had over 24,000 residents. In 2005 Murrieta became one of the five largest communities in Riverside county with a population of over 85,000 people. 

Murrieta’s nature and beautiful scenery and Califonia’s reasonable price housing are two factors that continue to attract a large number of residents and businesses that find Murrieta a great place to live and grow. Those already live in the community discover excellent schools, numerous recreational areas, top medical facilities, and a lot of opportunities, not to mention one of the lowest crime rates in California. Murrieta’s vision and motto are, “Murrieta is, indeed, The Future of Southern California.”

Murrieta Climate

Murrieta has a Mediterranean Climate or dry-summer subtropical. Murrieta has 35 days of precipitation annually and about 263 days of sunshine. Between April and November, the temperatures fluctuate from warm to hot, and it is dry with temperatures ranging from 77 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit on the highs and the lows of 44 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In Murrieta, it gets a little rainy from November to March. In Murrieta, you can also experience the microclimate phenomena where temperatures can vary as much as 18 °F (10 °C) between inland areas and the coast, with a temperature gradient of over 1 °F per mile. Murrieta can occasionally experience heavy rains and thunderstorms.

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