A Perfect View Window Replacement in Menifee

In the southwest region of Riverside County, you can find the City of Menifee, which is about 30 miles southeast of the City of Riverside, California. With an overall population of 91,902, the city encircles around 50 square miles. 

Through the center of Menifee city, you can drive the 215 Interstate, which goes up and down north and sought bound. Bradley, Newport, and McCall Roads are a few of the commercial areas you can exit to through the Interstate 215. 


Many of the main roads that we see in Menifee today were given family names in the 1940s. We can trace these family names to people who owned properties in particular areas. The Menifee roads are history-rich, which is quite exciting and fascinating because can track facts about today’s culture in Menifee. 

Menifee area was initially populated by the Luiseno and Pechanga Indian tribes. Then in the 1700 it fell under the rule of the Spanish empire. Eventually, the city was taken from Mexico by the United States and became a part of the California statehood. Around the 1800s the farming activity was introduced to the Menifee area. Then a few decades later the mining activity began. A beautiful and valuable quartz was found by miner Luther Menifee Wilson. That is how Menifee got its name. 


In Menifee, residents can experience mild winters and hot, dry summers. The warmest month is August, with the highest recorded temperatures of 117 degrees Fahrenheit. On average, as in any other state, the coldest month is December, with recorded lowest of 18 degrees Fahrenheit. It is still one of the warmest winters in the States. In February Menifee experiences the highest level of precipitation. 

Residents of Menifee 

Menifee has been recognized as one of the top 10 cities because of its population growth in Southern California. Yearly population growth rate is about 2.4%, with the average age of 38 years old. Young families are inhabiting Menifee. And young families are attracted to Menifee because of its continuously growing shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities. As more and more developers are discovering these fantastic traits, Menifee is becoming a hot spot to live in Riverside County. 

Although many amenities and recreational activities characterize Menifee as a hot spot to live in, weather and elements can make a Menifee home an uncomfortable space. With the extreme weather changes throughout the year from very hot to very cold, your home needs to stay protected. One of the most comfortable and most efficient ways to make sure your home is safe and healthy is by installing correct windows. Many windows in Menifee were installed decades ago, and homeowners are starting to notice discomfort and often struggle with dust infiltrating their homes because of the dry desert climate. If you are a homeowner who needs an easy solution, we recommend window replacement. 

Replacing outdated aluminum windows with will bring significant benefits such as: 

  • Energy-efficiency (Lower energy bills monthly) 
  • Safety (stronger windows protecting your home from the elements and unwanted guests) 
  • Lower air infiltration (this means less dust) 
  • Healthier air environment 
  • Higher home value 
  • Improved curb appeal.

For all window and door replacement services in the city of Menifee contact A Perfect View Construction today at (951) 698-2885.