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Things to Know About Window Air Infiltration

Window Energy Efficiency Parameters Energy ratings are essential when it comes to buying windows. It is one of the top things buyers evaluate. There are a few prime reasons why people are looking to replace their current windows. It might be that the windows are old and damaged, a lot of noise coming from the outside and more. At the top of the list of issues that lead to window replacement is window air infiltration or seal failure. In [...]

Why Choose Sliding Windows?

Why Choose Sliding Windows? There are many reasons why our customers choose sliding windows. Sliding windows are extremely easy to use. They provide maximum ventilation and durability.  Sliding windows are aesthetically pleasing and become a value booster for your home. All of our windows at A Perfect View Construction feature energy efficiency and elegant look that is customized to your home and personal style. What Are sliding windows? Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are built with long [...]